Brazing Attachment ML 600 and ML 1000

Brazing attachment HF Generator (converter) 100 mm to 600 mm in diameter (ML 1000. 100 mm to 1000 mm in diameter). Lager diameters available on request. Ready to attach to Himmel generator HG 32-2,0 KW / HG 34-2,0 KW / HG 3001-3,0 KW HG 42-5,0 KW / HG 6000-6,0 KW (converter HU 2000-2,0 KW / HU 5000-5,0 KW).If using other makes, please inquire about attaching them.

Brazing Attachment ML 600 and ML 1000_1Brazing Attachment ML 600 and ML 1000_2


The Saw body is centered and held by means of a magnetic flange thus eliminating the need to do that by hand (merely mount the mating flange and bolt it on). The angle adjustment is made by means of a hand wheel. Centricity is adjusted by turning a micrometer screw. Set-up time is very short.


Brazing Attachment ML 600 and ML 1000_3The carbide tooth does not have to be positioned exact-ly, but only placed in the right direction when the hand slide is pulled back, the tooth is caught in a dog, drops into a recess and is automatically clamped when the hand slide is pushed ahead again so that the tooth can be brazed on.As many as 400 teeth per hour can be brazed on when using this attachment.

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