Reporting and testing machines

RP 800 / RP 2000 Concentric and Transverse Running Test Unit

RP 800 RP 2000 For all types of circular saw blades from 80 – 800 mm dia. Accessories: 1 set of flanges 50 mm dia., 80 mm dia., 100 mm dia., 120 mm dia., 150 mm dia Optionally available at an extra charge 200 mm dia., and 250 mm dia. flanges For all types of […]

Tension Testing Device with Axial and Radial Runout Testing Device

SP 800 S SP 1600 S These testing devices are suitable for the testing of all types of circular saw blades wherever tension problems, or axial and radial runout can occur. Suitable for the manufacture of new blades or for sharpening and repair services. We offer 5 different device sizes: SP 800 S testing range […]

Tension Testing Stand SP 800 P for tension, top and side runout testing

How to check tension: Two pneumatic cylinders, mounted on each side of the fixed center spindle, flex the saw hollow. The amount of deflection is measured by a dial indicator. The value from the dial indicator is in direct relation to the tension of the saw and allows therefore to compare one saw with another. […]

SRP 800 Straightening Work Station

The workstation is equipped as follows: 1 Workbench, with choice of drawer cabinet on right or left side 1 Anvil with hardened, rectangular striking face, 250 x 150 mm. The striking face can be replaced with a convex striking face, diameter 150 mm (standard size) by loosening two screws. Needless to say, other diameters and […]

Rolling Machine Type SW 800 / SW 1600

Design features High-strength, welded construction Hydraulic pressurizing system with pressure presetting function Externally mounted rollers, permitting monitoring of the rolling process High-strength sawblade mounting assembly with spindle drive by gear motor for advancing and reversing movements Hydraulic motor shuts down on completion of rolling process, thus preventing unnecessary heating of the hydraulic fluid Rollers do […]

SW 2000 Hydraulic Tension Rolling Machine

Combination top/side runout and tension testing. Design features High strength, welded construction. Hydraulic pressure with pressure preset function. The rolling process is controlled by encoder and does not depend on the saw diameter, i.e., after exactly one revolution the machine stops automatically. This prevents under or over rolling. Stable sawblade mounting assembly with spindle driven […]

Hydraulic Tension Rolling Machine SW 800 MB

For circular saws or saw blanks with automatic loading and unloading unit. This machine was developed through field-experience Plain, economical technology Simple to operate Quick change over Capable of manual operation in case of automatic loading malfunctions Simple retrofitting of the automatic loading unit on existing tension rolling machines. Technical data: Saw blade dia.: 160 […]

Automatic Saw-setting Machine SM 2000

For the setting of circular saw blades for tooth forms A (wolf tooth) and B (pointed tooth) of 450-2000mm.         Technical Data: Min. saw-blade diameter 450 mm Max. saw-blade diameter 2000 mm Max. pressing pressure 200 bar Hydraulic drive: 2.2 kW Saw blade drive: 0.55 kW Operating voltage: 230/400 V, 50 cycles […]

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