Sand blasting machines

Sandblasting Cabin Model SK 800 II and SK 800 III

Model II and III are specifically designed for clamping one saw blade only. Therefore, air consumption is smaller. Cabin dimensions: 800 mm wide, 1700 mm high, 1100 mm deep. Cabin dimensions:  800 mm wide, 1700 mm tall, 1100 mm deep Duration of sandblasting: Example: Saw blade of diameter 350 Ø Z 54 will be sandwich […]

Sandblasting Cabin Model SK 800 I

This cabin is specifically designed to simultaneously sandblasting two saw blades in one clamping. Duration of sandblasting: Example: Saw blades of diameter 350 Ø Z 54, ready in two minutes Set-up time: 3 – 4 minutes For unclamping and clamping: Press the foot valve and take one saw blades into each hand. Sandblasting proceeds automatically […]

Sand Blaster for Large dimensioned saws SK 2000 IV

Economic solution for blasting large saws from 500 mm to 2000 mm in diameter As shown in the picture the saw enters the blasting cabinet through a on the side panel. The saw carrier moves lightly on a roller guide left and right. The carrier is fitted with an adjustable stop for easy repositioning of […]

SK 800 MB Automatic Sand Blaster Cabin

A fully automatic sand blaster for carbide tipped saw blades from diameter 100 mm to 800 mm (4″ to 31-1/2″), with material handler for automatic loading and unloading of saw with diameter 150 mm to 500 mm (6″ to 19-1/2″). This is a new design with a cost effective solution. does not have a complicated […]

Sand Blasting Cabin SK 800 MB 2

This cabin is used wherever saw blades are produced in large quantities. As is clearly iltustrated in the photo, this machine is fitted with 2 loading and unloading stations, i. e. 2 saw blades are automatically moved into position and sand blasted.It is important to mention here that the setting of the saw blade diameter […]

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