Brazing machines

Brazing Attachment (with welding torch) ML 600/S – ML 1000/S

For the brazing on and off carbide teeth on: carbide circular saw blades, cutters and milling cutters in need of repair. The set-up time is very brief much faster than with resistance welding and of higher quality. Handling: The saw-blade is centered and clamped by means of the magnetic flange. The angles are adjusted by […]

Brazing Attachment ML 600 and ML 1000

Brazing attachment HF Generator (converter) 100 mm to 600 mm in diameter (ML 1000. 100 mm to 1000 mm in diameter). Lager diameters available on request. Ready to attach to Himmel generator HG 32-2,0 KW / HG 34-2,0 KW / HG 3001-3,0 KW HG 42-5,0 KW / HG 6000-6,0 KW (converter HU 2000-2,0 KW / […]

HF Brazing Device Type ML 1000/2

This brazing device was developed on the basis of a practical application, i. e. one generator with two brazing units. On brazing fixture one, standard teeth are brazed on and off on saw bodies or saw blades in need of repair. On brazing fixture two, wipers are brazed on, i.e. brosches for saw blades used […]

Brazing Device Type ML 1000 WS with HU 5000

Brazing device ML 1000 WS, illustrated with High Frequency Converter HU 5000, 5 KW + cooling unit This brazing device is used in particular for the brazing in and out of broaching cutting edges on saw blades used particulary in the sawmill sector. An important feature of the device is that it permits all brazed […]

Brazing Device Type ML 2000 (manual)

For manual brazing in and out of carbide teeth on 200 – 2000 mm dia. saw blades. (ML 2000 with HU 5000 5kW, with HG 6000, and with HG 54) This brazing device can be used optionally with a 5 KW or 10 KW converter, whereby the make of the converter is not any particular […]

Brazing Device Type ML 2000

For brazing in and out of carbide teeth on 200 – 2000 mm dia. saw blades. (Fig.: Semi-automatic version with 12 KW generator) This brazing device can be used optionally with a 3 KW, 6 KW, 8 KW or 12 KW generator, whereby the make of the generator is not of any particular importance. Basic […]

Manual Plate-Seat-Grinding Machine with brazing attachment PLSM-L 1600

 Special machine to unsolder and soldering of HM teeth and grinding of pocket seats for circular saw blades from 450 – 1600 mm Technical Data: Type: PLSM-L 1600 Min. saw dia: 450 mm Max. saw dia.: 1600 mm Drive Power-grinding motor: 1,1 KW Operating voltage: 230/400 V, 50 Hz, 3 cycles : time-lag Total power: […]

Manual Solder Cutting Device, Type LA 20 M

This cutting device is used manually only. The silver solder is manually fed and by pressing the lever it is bent and cut to length. The length of the bent 90° part is determined by the knife width. The total length is set by an adjustable stop. Technical data Weight: 10 kg (22 ibs) Dimensions: […]

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