Grinding machines

HK 5-720 T planing head grinding machine

Fully automated with automatic variable carriage feed, automatic spacing, continuously variable rotation speed for grinding disc. > Special features of the HK 5-720 T Automatic indexing unit, attachable to the grinding shaft either on the right or left, via drive coupling. Works without indexing disc. Teeth numbers are directly entered into the counter. Grinding unit is infinitely rotatable […]

Special Machine PLS 2200 for pocket grinding or cutoff operation on oversized carbide teeth after brazing

An inexpensive solution: This machine is excellently suited to the regrinding or grinding in of plate seats on HM saws,irrespective of whether they require repairing or are new.The diameter range is 700-2000mm.A special feature that should be emphasised is that a conventional index advance, index cylinder with a pitch distribution scale and possibly cams or […]

Double-sided Flank-grinding Machine FS 800

 The machine has been especially developed in order to bring HM-equipped disposable sawblades to a certain sawing width and to level them out after their tooth flanks have been placed in a clamp.The machine is equipped with a fully closed cowling including a coolant system. Technical data: Weight: 420 kg Dimensions: Length 1050 mm Width […]

Manual Single Side Grinder for Carbide Tipped Saw Blades Typ FL 600 and FL 700

Are you looking for a quick, economical way to side grind your retipped teeth down to the size wanted?… This is the machine. High precision grinding spindle, sturdy construction, flood coolant and ample motor power will remove any amount of carbide in one pass. Magnetic saw holder, accurate and fast. FL 600 FL 700 The […]

Manual Side Grinding Machine FL 700/S

Technical data Weight: 122 kg Dimensions: Width 800 mm, Depth 700 mm, Height 580 mm Coolant content: 48 Litres Operating voltage;: 230/400 V, 50 cycles 230/440 V, 60 cycles Driver power: 0,75 kW, 2830 N Fuse protection: 3 lead fuses 10 A with time lag Grinding spindle Speed: 4700 N Grinding spindle Poly-V belt drive […]

Manual Side Grinder FL 1000 with Coolant System

Compact manual machine for side grinding of any tooth form, also for Strobe inserts, with a grinding stroke length of 170 mm. This machine is also ideal for side grinding of carbide tipped saws for the metal working industry.       Technical data Weight: 218 kg Dimensions: 1100 mm wide, 900 mm deep, 1289 […]

Automatic Side Grinding Machine FL 1000 A1

1 Side grinding maschine type FL 1000/A1 without diamond wheel,for single side grinding of wipers on special circular saw blades up to a length of 175 mm with automatic feed.The feeding speed can be adjusted by means of 2 speed regulating valves independently for the in our back movement. Cooling liquid container with appr.63 L […]


Cutting-off machine for cutting off HM and HSS planing knives in flat form as well as round bars from Ø 3 mm to Ø 32 mm and a length of 450 mm. Clamping range 32 mm, cutting range approx. 80 mm with grinding wheels Ø 200mm. The machine is equipped with automatic hydropneumatic feed. (infinitely […]

Manual seat pocket regrinding machine Type PLT 600

Manual seat pocket regrinding machine with cut-off device or oversize HM teeth Type PLT 600       Manual seat pocket regrinding machine with cut-off device for oversize brazed HM teeth on HM circular saw blades from 100 to 600 mm Ø. 800 mm Ø can be provided on request. This machine is fitted with […]

Automatic Plate Seat Grinding Machine PLS 800 MB

Automatic Plate Seat Grinding Machine PLS 800 MB with automatic loading and discharge of the Loading/Discharge Trolley The economic solution: for saw bodies from 100 mm to 800 mm diameter. Fast – continuous performance – maintenance free Developed through field experience Ease of operation – quick set-up The loading and discharge unit does not need […]

Automatic Grinding Machine for Pocketing-Carbide-Seat Type PLS 800-4 B

The cost-effective solution: 4 Saw Bodies from 100 mm up to 800 mm diameter can be processed simultaneously in a chucking. (Larger diameters on request). Fast – reliable – easy maintenance Developed in practical application Simple to operate – rapid conversion Space-saving compact machine World-wide standardized control units The machine can be repaired by a […]

Pocket Grinding Machine PLSB 1600

Pocket Grinding Machine PLSB 1600 with set up to grind chip breaker grooves A compact machine to grind or rework tooth pocket on large dimensioned saws from diameter 250 mm to 1600 mm. A unique feature is added to this machine to grind chip breaker grooves on segmental, HSS or carbide tipped saws. By rotating […]

Special Machine PLT 1700 – S for pocket grinding or cutoff operation on oversized carbide teeth after brazing

This machine is ideal for cutting off carbide tips too long after brazing and to grind or rework tooth pockets on new saws or repairs, for saw diameter from 200 mm to 1700 mm. Example of machine use:3 new teeth are brazed in and should be cut off to selected length. The three teeth are […]

Manual Plate-Seat-Grinding Machine PLSM 2300

For regrinding pocket seats for circular saw blades from 450 – 2300 mm Technical Data: Min. saw dia: 450 mm Max. saw dia.: 2300 mm Drive Power-grinding motor: 1,1 KW Operating voltage: 230/400 V, 50 Hz, 3 cycles Fuses: , time-lag Total power: 1,1 KW Weight: 384 kg Dimensions high: 190 cm wide: 250 cm […]

Manual Plate-Seat-Grinding Machine with brazing attachment PLSM-L 1600

 Special machine to unsolder and soldering of HM teeth and grinding of pocket seats for circular saw blades from 450 – 1600 mm Technical Data: Type: PLSM-L 1600 Min. saw dia: 450 mm Max. saw dia.: 1600 mm Drive Power-grinding motor: 1,1 KW Operating voltage: 230/400 V, 50 Hz, 3 cycles : time-lag Total power: […]

Automatic Grinder for Chip Breaker Grooves Model SBN 700

A compact automatic machine to grind CHIP BREAKER GROOVES on your TCI, HSS and Segmental Circular Sawblades from 100 mm to 700 mm Diameter. Fast – Accurate – Service friendlyl Developed through Field Experience Simple to Operate World-wide Standard of the Control Clements The groove distance between left and right on the alternating teeth is […]

MBH 600 Manual Face Sharpening Machine with Wet Grinding Unit

This machine is especially suited to one – off production or wherever retooling or setting an automatic machine would not be worth while. The hollow tip grinding unit can be turned and positioned by releasing a screw. Due to blade thickness setting, the grinding point is always in the centre. The other grinding unit can […]

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