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Saw Bore Turning Machine ADM 800 and ADM 800 B

The ADM 800 is especially suited for machining the bores of carbide tipped or steel saw blades and saw bodies with a diameter from 80 mm to 800 mm. Mounting the saw blade is quick using a centering shaft, which mates with the center bore in a round permanent magnet. The permanent magnet holds the […]

KH 800 Keyway Punching Unit

Largest sawblade diameter 800 mm, smallest 150 mm. 6 Punching widths: 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 22 mm. Other keyway widths on application. The machine is equipped with a handwheel with scale for the purpose of adjusting the depth of the keyway. 3 Punch guides are supplied, together with three hardened punches measuring 8 […]

HAT I 2000 Rivet Inserting and Removal Machine

Rivet Inserting and Removal Machine with Lift and Swivel Device for Segmented Saw Blades from 200 to 2000 mm Ø The pictured model is equipped with a hydraulic rivet removal unit, height adjustable with a manual lever. On the opposite side is an orbital riveting machine for riveting of replacement segments. A swivel is fitted […]

AE 1000 Hydraulic Riveting Machine

      This machine is particularly suitable for copper rivets in special saw blades (predominantly of the type used for cutting aluminum) in order to counteract whistling noises. In addition, it can be used to insert and remove rivets from HSS elements of HSS sectional saw blades. Max. applied pressure: 9 tons Pressure adjustment […]

Automatic Brushing Machine Type BM 2000

For brushing carbide tips or carbide teeth on carbide tipped circular saw blades for metal cutting operations. The machine is fitted with two protective guards permitting adjustment to the saw blade diameter.     Technical data: Smallest saw blade dia.: 300 mm Largest saw blade dia.: 2000 mm Drive output gear motor: 0,18 kW approx. […]

Saw Centering and Dividing Appliance T 24 – 800

The problem of making secondary and countersunk holes in metal-cutting saws etc. is a frequent one in tools companies, saw and saw base manufacturing and sharpening workshop. Drilling the holes is not a problem, but division? Or the reference diameter? The T 24 – 800 will solve the problem of difining the reference circle, dividing […]

Band saw tooth tip hardening machine Type BHM 80

Heating occurs in a continuous process. A cooling water system is required for cooling the generator or inductor that heats or hardens the teeth. There are 2 possibilities for this: Direct connection to the water main at a pressure of 3 bar. Only to be recommended if the water is not too cold and the […]

Band saw tooth tip resharpening machine Type HMBS 80

A compact machine for the resharpening of hard metal-faced saw bands with a width of 8-80mm. Technical data: Tooth pitch: 3-40mm Rake angle adjustment: between 10° negative and 25° positive Output power: Grinding motor 0.75KW, with infinitely variable speed control via a frequency converter Grinding wheel spindle drive: via the grinding spindle poly-V belt drive […]


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