Brazing Attachment (with welding torch) ML 600/S – ML 1000/S

For the brazing on and off carbide teeth on: carbide circular saw blades, cutters and milling cutters in need of repair. The set-up time is very brief much faster than with resistance welding and of higher quality.
Brazing Attachment (with welding torch) ML 600


The saw-blade is centered and clamped by means of the magnetic flange. The angles are adjusted by means of the handwheels. The new tooth is brought into position and centered by means of a clamping device and by a turning of the screw. The tooth and the ground bodies are heated with a blowtorch.

The brazing off of the defective teeth:

The defective teeth or rests of teeth are heated with the blowtorch pushed down with a pin, a screw driver or the like.

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