Brazing Device Type ML 1000 WS with HU 5000

Brazing device ML 1000 WS, illustrated with High Frequency Converter HU 5000, 5 KW + cooling unit

Brazing Device Type ML 1000 WS with HU 5000

This brazing device is used in particular for the brazing in and out of broaching cutting edges on saw blades used particulary in the sawmill sector. An important feature of the device is that it permits all brazed in and out. The device is offered with a varety of generator capacities: 2 KW, 3 KW, 5 KW, 6 KW and 10 KW.It is advisable to use a cooling unit for the cooling water of the type required with HF generators. As an alternative, we also offer a cooling water tank and pressure pump with alternatively 200 or 450 litres capacity. Connection to an existing water pump is only advisable if an independent building water supply exists.Water containing high levels of lime is not recommended.On request, it is possible to mount a temperature measurement and control device. Particularly important is the capacity of the generator. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the cutting edge, the more powerful the generator.With brazing in, ensure that the cutting edge is heated with the saw body as quickly as possible. The ensures that the generated heat does not penetrate into the saw blade body and bring about a danger of warping

Technical data:

Min. saw dia.: 200 mm
Max. saw dia.: 800 mm, optionally 1000 mm
Min. cutting edge length: 30 mm
Max. cutting edge length: 200 mm
Heating time: depending on generator capacity
Resetting time appr.: ca. 5 minutes


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