Brazing Device Type ML 2000

For brazing in and out of carbide teeth on 200 – 2000 mm dia. saw blades.
(Fig.: Semi-automatic version with 12 KW generator)

Brazing Device Type ML 2000

This brazing device can be used optionally with a 3 KW, 6 KW, 8 KW or 12 KW generator, whereby the make of the generator is not of any particular importance.

Basic supplied equipment:
1 set of tooth clamping jaws (ceramic) already mounted, 1 carbide brazing underlay 4 mm wide, 6 mm wide, 9 mm wide (other dimensions on request), 1 set of reducing rings 32 x 50 x 20, 32 x 80 x 20, 32 x 100 x 20.

1 saw clamping flange 350 dia. (other diameters on request)

Optional extras:
1 cooling water unit with pressure pump and water tank with 500 ltr. capacity.

Angular adjustment is effected via a gear motor which moves the blade to the correct angular position by means of upward and downward adjustment.

This brazing device is also available in a semi-automatic version, i.e. the tooth to be brazed is inserted with solder, the provided start button is pressed and the tooth travels automatically to the tooth gullet of the saw body, is automatically pressed into place and is heated by means of a timer. The cooling process also takes place using a timer. The cooling process is followed by an outward movement , and an automatic indexing sequence. The cycle then starts again from the beginning.

Technical data

with 6 kW-, 8 kW- and 12 kW generator
Dimensions: 3900 mm wide
1300 mm deep
2600 mm high
Weight: 480 kg excluding generator
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