HF Brazing Device Type ML 1000/2

HF Brazing Device Type ML 1000/2_1HF Brazing Device Type ML 1000/2_2

This brazing device was developed on the basis of a practical application, i. e. one generator with two brazing units.
On brazing fixture one, standard teeth are brazed on and off on saw bodies or saw blades in need of repair. On brazing fixture two, wipers are brazed on, i.e. brosches for saw blades used in the sawmill industry.

Option: It is also possible to fit three brazing units. On unit three, carbide or HSS tips are brazed on and off on milling cutters of all types. It is also possible to mount a brazing fixture type three instead of a brazing fixture type two as described above. Choose from a range of generator models:

Generator HG 3002 3 KW
Generator HG 6000 6 KW
Generator HG 8000 8 KW
Generator HG 54 12 KW

All models are available with water cooling systems as well as with temperature measuring and control units.

Technical data:

Brazing unit: 2 brazing fixtures with 3 KW generator
Dimensions: 1580 mm wide
1500mm deep
1450mm high
Weight: approx. 350 kg

A brazing unit with 3 brazing fixtures is of approximately the same dimensions.

The brazing unit with a 3 KW generator is advisable only for tooth dimensions not exceeding 11mm width x 16mm length. For wipers or broaching cutting edges, a length of 80 mm should not be exceeded.


If the tip heating time is too long, the heat will enter the saw blade and cause warping.

A brazing unit with a 6 KW generator is sufficient for brazing of strobe wipers up to a length of 120mm and milling cutters of up to a width of 30mm. A brazing unit with an 8 KW generator for strobe wipers up to 160mm length and for milling cutters up to 45mm width. A brazing unit with an 8 KW generator for strobe wipers up to 200mm length and for milling cutters up to 50mm width. Brazing device with 12 KW generator on request. The machine is designed to permit quick adjustments, i. e., the adapter element can be swiveled 90° or 180°. Further rotation is prevented simply by a dowel pin. It entails only changing over the inductor holder.

Brazing fixture no. 1 (for saw teeth
min. dia. 100mm, max. dia. 1000mm, larger diameters on request.

Brazing fixture no. 2 (for strobe wiper) min. dia. 150mm, max. dia. 800mm.

Brazing fixture no. 3 (for milling cutter)
min. dia. 60mm, max. dia. 300mm.

Unlimited hook angle adjustments in negative and positive direction.

Color: Green hammer tone finish, malachite green. Other color shades on request
Operating voltage: 230/400 Volts, 3-Phase, 50 cycles and 230/440 Volts, 3-Phase, 60 cycles.
Other voltages by transformer only.

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