Double-sided Flank-grinding Machine FS 800

FS 800

 The machine has been especially developed in order to bring HM-equipped disposable sawblades to a certain sawing width and to level them out after their tooth flanks have been placed in a clamp.The machine is equipped with a fully closed cowling including a coolant system.

Technical data:

Weight: 420 kg
Dimensions: Length 1050 mm
Width 1550 mm
Height 1600 mm
Coolant content: 63 litres
Power supply: 230/400 V, 50 Hz
230/400 V, 60 Hz
Driving power: 4,4 kW
Rotational speed of the grinding wheels 3000 Umdr.
Double-sided wheel drive

Diameter of the grinding wheels: 150 Ø
Automatic infeed

0,015mm minimum 0,100 mm maximum
Angle adjustment:
Clearance angle: 0- 4° adjustable
Max. saw diameter: 800 mm
Min. saw diameter: 250 mm
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