Automatic Grinder for Chip Breaker Grooves Model SBN 700

A compact automatic machine to grind CHIP BREAKER GROOVES on your TCI, HSS and Segmental Circular Sawblades from 100 mm to 700 mm Diameter.

Automatic Grinder for Chip Breaker Grooves Model SBN 700_1Automatic Grinder for Chip Breaker Grooves Model SBN 700_2

  • Fast – Accurate – Service friendlyl
  • Developed through Field Experience
  • Simple to Operate
  • World-wide Standard of the Control Clements

The groove distance between left and right on the alternating teeth is infinitely adjustable and is achieved automatically in one revolution:simply select the number of leeth on the tooth counter and the machine will switch off automatically when number of teeth is reached.

Technical data

Power rating -drive motor: 0,4-0,5 kW
Grinding spindle speed: 7800 – 15800 rpm
Grinding wheel diameter: Borazon oder Diamant 100 mm Ø and 50 mm Ø, 4″ & 2″
Tooth pitch: 2 mm to 100 mm/ 1/ 16″ – 4″
Cycle time: 5 sec./ tooth
Grinding speed: infinitely variable
Control unit: hydro-pneumatic (Festo)
Compressed air consumption: approx. 40 L/ min.
Compressed air pressure: 6 bar/ 90 ps 1
Compressed air connection: NW 6 mm
Standard voltage: 230/400 V, 60 cycles
230/400 V, 60 cycles
other voltage via transformer
Fuse protection: 3 lead fuses/ 10 A/ with time lag
Total connected load: 0,6 kW
Coolant tank content: 60 Litres
Coolant concentrate: Same as saw grinders
Dimensions: Height: 1530 mm, Depth: 1050 mm, Width: 900 mm
Weight: 280 kg
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