Automatic Plate Seat Grinding Machine PLS 800 MB

Automatic Plate Seat Grinding Machine PLS 800 MB with automatic loading and discharge of the Loading/Discharge Trolley

The economic solution:
for saw bodies from 100 mm to 800 mm diameter.

Automatic Plate Seat Grinding Machine PLS 800 MB

  • Fast – continuous performance – maintenance free
  • Developed through field experience
  • Ease of operation – quick set-up
  • The loading and discharge unit does not need to be exchanged when converting for other body diameters
  • Minimal space requirements due to compact size
  • World-wide standardized parts
  • Festo control system – meaning world-wide service network
  • The machine can be maintained and repaired by a machine fitter or work mechanic
  • Spare parts can be produced by the owner.

Technical data:

Driving motor: 1,1 kW, 2800 N
Grinding spindle speed: 4530 revs.= 47 Metres
Grinding wheel: CBN=Borazon
Grinding wheel diameter: 200 dia. coating width 2 mm, coating height 5 mm
Tooth pitch: from 6 mm to 100 mm
Hook angle range: – 15°negaive + 30°positive
Cycle time: 4 – 8 secs. depending on saw body thickness and stock removal
Cycle time during loading and discharge: 15 – 16 secs
Grinding feed: Steplessly adjustable
Rapid traverse: Steplessly adjustable
Max. pre-loading height of the loading trolley: Saw blade body stack height 450 mm
Control system: SPS-Siemens control
Air consumption: approx. 40 Litres per Minute.
Air consumption during loading and unloading: appr. 60 litres
Operating voltage: 230/ 400 Volts, 50 cycles or 230/ 440 V, 60 cycles
Fusing: 3×16 Amp. time lag
Rated output: 1,4 kW
Coolant capazity: 63 Litres
Dimensions: height 200 cm, width 240 cm, depth 200 cm
Weight: 825 kg


On request, a second program can be fitted in the machine. This machine type is equipped to permit clamping of 4 saw blade bodies simultaneously, and grinding of up to 4 plate seats during the downward movement of the grinding wheel.Only possible with manual operation, i.e. the loading unit is switched off.

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