Automatic Side Grinding Machine FL 1000 A1

FL 1000 A1 Side grinding maschine type FL 1000/A1 without diamond wheel,for single side grinding of wipers on special circular saw blades up to a length of 175 mm with automatic feed.The feeding speed can be adjusted by means of 2 speed regulating valves independently for the in our back movement.
Cooling liquid container with appr.63 L capacity,capacity of cooling pump approx.20L/min,completely ready for operation.
Operation voltage 230/400 V 3ph 50 cy





Technical data

Weight: 510 kg
Dimensions: 1800 mm wide
1300 mm deep
1400 mm height
Cooling water tank capacity appr. 63 litres.
Delevery output of the cooling water pump appr. 20 litres/min.
Grinding wheel dia. 100 or 125 mm.
Grinding wheel speed via grinding spindle 4700 rpm,
2 speeds possible
Poly-V belt drive, 6 grooves.

Electrical data

Drive motor: 1,1 kW with switch for clockwise/anticlock
wise running 4700 u/min.
For USA, the pulleys have a different diameter.
Coolant pump: 0,12 kW
Operating voltage: 230/400 Volts, 50 cycles
230/400 Volts, 60 cycles
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