Special Machine PLS 2200 for pocket grinding or cutoff operation on oversized carbide teeth after brazing

An inexpensive solution: This machine is excellently suited to the regrinding or grinding in of plate seats on HM saws,irrespective of whether they require repairing or are new.The diameter range is 700-2000mm.A special feature that should be emphasised is that a conventional index advance,i.e.an index cylinder with a pitch distribution scale and possibly cams or guides are not required.
When grinding the plate seat in or regrinding it,the grinding unit is brought into the required position with the assistance of a gear motor,enabling the plate seat to be ground

Technical data:

Driving power: 3KW,the rotational speed can be adjusted by means of a frequency converter
and via a wheel spindle corresp.to approx.5700 rpm for the 200mm borazon grinding wheel

Saw blade dia.: 700 mm to 2200 mm
Spindle motor: 3,0 kW, 2840 rpm
Grinding spindle: 3000 rpm for diamond, 5700 rpm for Borazon wheel
Grinding wheel: 200 mm dia. Borazon wheel 200 mm dia. diamond cutoff wheel
Controls: hydro-pneumatic
Coolant tank: approx.170 litres
Dimensions: Width: approx. 4500 mm
Depth: approx. 1700 mm
Height: approx. 2600 mm
Weight: approx.2500
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