Special Machine PLT 1700 – S for pocket grinding or cutoff operation on oversized carbide teeth after brazing

This machine is ideal for cutting off carbide tips too long after brazing and to grind or rework tooth pockets on new saws or repairs, for saw diameter from 200 mm to 1700 mm.

Special Machine PLT-1700-S-for-pocket-grinding-or-cutoff-operation-on-oversized-carbide-teeth-after-brazingSpecial Machine PLT 1700-S-for-pocket-grinding-or-cutoff-operation-on-oversized-carbide-teeth-after-brazing-2

Example of machine use:3 new teeth are brazed in and should be cut off to selected length. The three teeth are sselected with the counter and the length of the carbide is adjusted. Now the machine starts, automatically moving the saw forward until a feeler stops it at the first long tooth and cuts the tooth to length. The next wo teeth are cut to the same settings.

To grind or rework pockets, the grinding head is moved to the horizontal position by a gear motor and the cutoff wheel is replaced with a Borazon wheel.

Technical data:

Saw blade dia.: 200 mm to 1700 mm
Spindle motor: 1,5 kW, 2 speeds 1450/ 2840 rpm
Grinding spindle: 2 speeds, 3000 rpm for diamond, 5700 rpm for Borazon wheel
Grinding wheel: 150 mm dia. Borazon wheel 150 mm dia. diamond cutoff wheel
Controls: hydro-pneumatically
Coolant plant: 170 Liters capacity
Dimensions: 2200 mm wide
1790 mm deep
2000 mm high
grinding head vertically
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