AE 1000 Hydraulic Riveting Machine





This machine is particularly suitable for copper rivets in special saw blades (predominantly of the type used for cutting aluminum) in order to counteract whistling noises. In addition, it can be used to insert and remove rivets from HSS elements of HSS sectional saw blades.

Max. applied pressure: 9 tons
Pressure adjustment from 0 to 240 bar with
hand wheel and pressure display (Fig. 1).
Ram stroke adjustment from 0 to 40 mm with
machine handle (see Fig. 2).
Tray for rivets and saw blade sections (Fig. 3).
Saw blade carrier (Fig. 4) with handle permitting the
positioning of saw blades of different diameters by means of centering rings.
The machine is started by a foot-actuated switch

Technical data:

Weight: 230 kg
Dimensions: Width 0430 mm
Depth 0900 mm
Height 1220 mm
Oiltank: capacity 20 litres
Max. pressure: 9 tons
Operating voltage: 230/400V, 3-phase, 50 cycles or
230/440V, 3-phase, 60 cycles
Total power: 2,2 kW, 1400 N
Fuse protection: 3 fuses 20A slow blow
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