Automatic Brushing Machine Type BM 2000

Automatic-Brushing-Machine-Type-BM-2000 For brushing carbide tips or carbide teeth on carbide tipped circular saw blades for metal cutting operations. The machine is fitted with two protective guards permitting adjustment to the saw blade diameter.



Technical data:

Smallest saw blade dia.: 300 mm
Largest saw blade dia.: 2000 mm
Drive output gear motor: 0,18 kW approx. 4 rpm
Drive output brush motor: 0,75 kW, speed 2850 rpm.
Max. oscillation stroke: 25 mm
Min. oszillation stroke: 10 mm
Speed of oscillation movements: Stepplessly adjustable
Control system: electropneumatic
Brushing time: Adjustable with timer between 0 and 10 min
Air consumption: appr. 40 to 70 litres/min.
Operating voltage: 230/400 V, 50 cycles, 3-Phase
Fusing: 3 x 10 Amp. high speed
Rated output: 0,93 kW
Weight: 320 kg
Height: 1,8 metres, with clamped saw blade dia. 2000 mm, 2,25 metres
Width: With guard retracted 1,7 metres, with guard extended and saw blade dia. 2000 mm, 2,4 metres
Depth: 85 cm
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