Saw Bore Turning Machine ADM 800 and ADM 800 B

The ADM 800 is especially suited for machining the bores of carbide tipped or steel saw blades and saw bodies with a diameter from 80 mm to 800 mm. Mounting the saw blade is quick using a centering shaft, which mates with the center bore in a round permanent magnet. The permanent magnet holds the blade during machining. The bore is plungecut with a special cutoff tool and later finished and machined.


ADM 800 ADM 800 B with drilling unit


Technical information:

Total machining time including loading and unloading: 4 Minutes
(bore size does not influence machining time much)

Power: 2,2 KW gear motor with two speeds of 240/460 rpm, or with infinitely variable speeds with a frequency conferter (at additional cost).
or with infinitely variable speeds with a frequency
converter (at additional cost)
Cutoff unit: on cross slide with adjustable dovetail and locking levers.
Adjustments: X-axis with digital indicator, maximum 200 mm travel.
Magnetic clamping force: 10 Kg/cm².
Magnet: diameter 300 mm (standard) larger diameter available (at additional cost).
Dimensions: 1450mm wide
900 mm deep
1590 mm high
Weight: 590 kg
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