Manual Polishing Machine PLM 600 – 800

Manual-Polishing-MachineThis machine is used to polish soiled or rusty saw blades of all kinds, or for the removal of cold welds.However, it is also suitable for treating new blades. We ofter two model sizes of this machine.

For the model PLM 600, the maximum polishing range is 600 mm dia., and for the model PLM 800, the maximum polishing range is 800 mm dia., the smallest polishing range is appr. 80 mm dia. The machine is fitted with a coolant tank and coolant pump.

  • 1 dressing unit for the polishing wheel
  • 1 polishing wheel and tools for exchanging the polishing wheel
  • 1 indexing table rubber 650 x 5 x 51
  • 1 device for adjustment of the stop for the outside and inside diameter of the saw blade


1)  indexing table speeds,100 rpm
2) Clockwise and counter clockwise running of the indexing table. This is particularly important for saw blades with reamer cutting edges

Technical data

Dimensions: 960 mm 1160 mm wide
1450 mm deep
1350 mm high
Weight: 300 kg/ 395 kg
Cooling water tank capacitiy appr. 63 litres.
Delivery output of the cooling water pump appr. 20 litres/min.
Dimensions of the polishing wheel 250 mm dia., 25 mm wide, bore at least 200 mm dia.
Larger bore diameters up to 100 mm possible using a reducing ring.
Minimum abrasion diameter 125 mm.
Drive output: Gear motor 0,75 kW
Drive output: Polishing wheel 1,5 kW
Coolant pump: 0,12 kW
Speed of the indexing table: 100 rpm./min.
Speed of the polishing wheel via V-belt
Current Load: 16 Amp, time-lag
Operating voltage: 230/400 Volts, 50 cycles
240/440 Volts, 60 cycles
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