Typ SP 800 P Test Device for Tension, Top and Side Run out

Tension tester with runout and axial runout testing device With pneumatic blade clamping for saws from 150 mm Ø to 800 mm Ø.

How to check tension:
The blade is pressed hollow in the clamped state by 2 opposing pneumatic cylinders.
cylinders, a dial gauge indicates the value.

A universal tester for checking the concentricity, the side base body, finished carbide saw blades.

These devices are usually used by base body manufacturers u. Saw manufacturers.
The annoying tightening of the base body or saw blade is no longer necessary.
The blade is clamped pneumatically by means of a foot pedal.

Ready for compressed air connection

Technical data:

Pressure line: 6 mm hose
Pressure required: 6 bar
Air consumption: minimal
Pressure regulation: from to 6 bar
Weight: approx. 220 kg
Dimensions: 850 mm wide
840 mm deep
350 mm deep without clamping test device
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