1 SW 800 Tension roller Typ SW 800 for rolling on tension rings in carbide and chrome vanadium bodies 200 mm dia to 800 mm dia.
Roller pressure is hydraulically adjustable.

Functional Charactristics

1.) The saw or saw body is laid in position, i.e.the saw is horizontal.
2.) The tension rings can be rolled in exactly where required
3.) the machine is started and stopped with the aid of a pedal.

1. High-strength, welded construction
2. Hyddraulic pressurizing system with pressure presetting Funktion
3. Externally mounted rollers, permitting monitoring of the rolling process.
4. High-strength sawblade mounting assembly with spindle drive by gear motor for advancing and reversing movements
5. Hydraulic motor shuts down on completion of process thus preventing unnecessary heating of the hydraulic fluid.
6. Rollers do not begin to turn until sufficient rolling pressure has built up.
7. The machine is started by a foot-operated switch and can be stopped at any time and in any position

Technical Data:

Max.: saw dia 800 mm
Max.: rolling circle dia 770 mm
Min.: rolling circle dia 160 mm
Roller protection from 300 mm
Max.: rolling pressure:
Rolling speed: potentiometer adjustable
Drive power, roller drive: 2,2 KW
Drive power,hydraulic-motor: 2,2 KW
Drive power diameter : 0,37 KW
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