Sandblasting Cabin Model SK 800 I

This cabin is specifically designed to simultaneously sandblasting two saw blades in one clamping.

Sandblasting Cabin Model SK 800 I_1Sandblasting Cabin Model SK 800 I_2Sandblasting Cabin Model SK 800 I_3

Duration of sandblasting:

Example: Saw blades of diameter 350 Ø Z 54, ready in two minutes

Set-up time: 3 – 4 minutes

For unclamping and clamping:

Press the foot valve and take one saw blades into each hand.

Sandblasting proceeds automatically when using the timer.

Technical data:

Dimensions of the cabin :
Cabin dimensions:   1400 mm wide, 1700 mm high, 1100 mm deep
Air consumption is 2000 litres at 6 bar. 4 nozzles a 500 L

Saw blades of 80 to 800 mm diameter can be sandblasted.

Two saw blades can be sandblasted simultaneously in about two minutes

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